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Doehler White Diamond is a natural bright solution for food and beverage products

Source:Doehler     Date:2022-10-06
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Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is banned as a food ingredient in the EU, and other countries are planning to do the same. Because of this, manufacturers face the challenge of finding a safe alternative to whiten products.


Doehler is a global producer, marketer and provider of technology-driven natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the global food, beverage and nutrition industry. Based on the latest technologies, the Doehler R&D experts have developed a natural white alternative that can replace TiO2 in food applications.

PR White Diamond1.jpg

From gum to creams, Doehler's White Diamond is a natural white that provides whiteness and opacity for different food products. (Photo: Doehler) 

Doehler's White Diamond is a natural white that provides whiteness and opacity for a variety of different food products. Free of nanoparticles, easily metabolized and with additional nutritional benefits, it is the most cost-effective natural white alternative currently available.


White Diamond of­fers bright new possibilities for those requiring a high performing natural white solution. It delivers whitening solutions for bakery creams, powder beverages, hard-boiled candies as well as pan coatings for all kinds of confectionery and is also suitable for a wide range of other applications. Highly compatible with other ingredients and acid stable, this ingredient  is a globally accepted food additive. As the food industry continues to seek solutions that are more natural, healthier and better for our planet, White Diamond is a perfect choice.


Doehler supports manufactures with a wealth of application expertise in formulating recipes. Be it Sensory & Consumer Science, analytical and technical services or nutrient media, Doehler supports its customers in all matters concerning innovative products, from the idea to the shelf.

Doehler White Diamond is the natural solution for developing the next generation of food applications. 

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