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K 2022: Raw Materials & Compounds

Source:International Plastics News for Asia     Date:2022-10-20
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Exhibitors' Showcase Part 2 presents the raw materials and compounds on exhibit at K 2022, with product description and contact details of exhibitors.


ACTEGA: TPE for medical applications

Actega has improved the formulations for its ProvaMed® portfolio. The TPE formulations display an excellent degree of transparency. An important factor wherever the flow of fluids needs to be highly visible or the position of the tubing must be traceable. The high-purity and elastic material is smooth, flexible and kink-resistant. Other points include good recovery behaviour and damping properties, enabling hoses to return to their original shape after deformation. The compounds have been approved in accordance with USPVI and ISO 10993 and are free of PVC, silicone, latex and plasticisers. They are allergen-free and any interaction between tubing material and pharmaceutical or endogenous substances, can be avoided.

actega w.jpg



Tel:  +49-421 390 0229

Fax: +49-421 390 0250

E-mail:  florian.schindler@altana.com

Website: www.actega.com

Booth: 8AF113


Brüggemann: Additives for polyamides

Brüggemann is presenting performance-enhancing additive innovations. These grades include: BRUGGOLEN® TP-H2062 and TP-H2217, a new class of metal- and halogen-free heat stabilisers for reinforced and unreinforced polyamides in E/E applications;  BRUGGOLEN® TP-H1804, a new heat stabiliser for aliphatic polyamides used at continuous service temperatures of 160°C to 190°C; BRUGGOLEN® TP-P2201, a new addition to Brüggemann’s range of flow enhancers.  For recycling polyethylene, Brüggemann has developed BRUGGOLEN® TP-R2162 which again includes the new repair technology and is particularly suitable for recycled LLDPE for use in film extrusion. 

bruggeman w.jpg


L. Brüggemann GmbH & Co. KG

Tel: +49 (0) 71 31 / 15 75 – 235

E-mail: klaus.bergmann@brueggemann.com

Website: www.brueggemann.com

Booth: 8aD08


Covestro: Circular Intelligence and chemical recycling

Under the motto "Crafting Connections With You", Covestro intends to establish new collaborations with customers and partners and strengthen existing ties.  To make circular solutions in the product portfolio even more recognisable to customers in the future, Covestro has developed the "CQ" concept. The brand suffix stands for "Circular Intelligence" and indicates the alternative raw material base for the company's products if it is at least 25%.Among the first "CQ" products is Desmodur®CQ. Polyurethane foams based on Desmodur®CQ are used, for example, in upholstered furniture, mattresses and thermal insulation. 

covestro w.jpg


Covestro Deutschland AG

Tel: +49 (0)214 6009 2000

E-mail: communications@covestro.com

Website: covestro.com

Booth: 6A75-1 – A75-2


DOMO: Polyamide expertise 

DOMO Chemicals is showcasing how its polyamide-based solutions, along with its expertise and services, will help customers meet their future application requirements. As the partner of choice for engineered materials, DOMO guides visitors through an Xperience path with solutions based on the leading TECHNYL® brand and DOMO’s new brand architecture. In addition, a dedicated sustainability corner will highlight DOMO’s ambitious 2030 sustainability targets, with a focus on decarbonization, renewable energy consumption and customer solutions. DOMO’s TECHNYL® 4EARTH® brand for the automotive sector is explained through dedicated tech seminars and panel discussions. 

domo w.jpg


DOMO Chemicals

Tel: +33-6 47 44 02 99

E-mail: communications@domo.org

Website: www.domochemicals.com

Booth: OA4/04.3


DuPont: Bio-based TPEs

DuPont Mobility & Materials features its new Hytrel® ECO B, a range of bio-based TPC-ET thermoplastic elastomers. Developed to help customers improve the environmental footprint of their products, Hytrel® ECO B grades deliver performance equivalent to those made from fossil feedstock, but with biomass content up to 72% by weight. As a result, OEMs reap the processing benefits and mechanical properties of Hytrel®, but at a lower impact on the environment and without processing requalification. DuPont produces Hytrel® ECO B using a biomass balance approach certified by the ISCC+ (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) standard. 

dupont w.jpg



Tel: +49-162-536-9078

E-mail: Matthew.Defosse@DuPont.com

Website: www.dupont.com

Booth:  6C43


KRAIBURG TPE:  TPE sustainability solutions

Highlights  of exhibits include: Proof of Recyclability where Institute cyclos-HTP, an independent company specialised in assessment and certification, has successfully tested and certified the compatibility of selected TPS materials in the recycling stream for HDPEs and PPs on behalf of KRAIBURG TPE;  RC/UV -  With a proportion of post-industrial recycled materials ranging from a minimum of 20% to a maximum of 40%, the series meets the high requirements for OEMs’ automotive exteriors; Interior PIR TPE - The new product solution contributes to meeting recycling quotas with a proportion of recycled material of up to 38%; Universal PCR TPE that is tailored to meet the requirements for many consumer and industry applications and allows a portion of up to 41% post-consumer recyclate. 

kraiburg w.jpg



Tel: +49 8638 9810-0

E-mail: info@kraiburg-tpe.com

Website: www.kraiburg-tpe.com

Booth: 12D36-04


Milliken: Performance additives

Milliken & Company is showcasing new measures to advance the circular economy through chemistry. On exhibit are: Millad® NX® 8000 ECO, clarifying agent for polypropylene (PP), boosts clarity, enables faster production rates and reduces energy use; DeltaMax®, performance modifiers for recycled PP; DeltaMax performance modifiers for virgin polypropylene impact copolymers (ICPs); DeltaFlow™ Viscosity Modifiers; Hyperform® HPN® performance additives; and UltraGuard™ Solution.

milliken w.jpg


Milliken & Company

Tel: +32 9 265 1136

E-mail: Veerle.Dewolf@milliken.com

Website: www.milliken.com

Booth: 6A27


Modern Dispersions: Nanocarbons

Modern Dispersions Inc. presents its latest developmental work with nanocarbons to boost the performance of masterbatch and compound solutions. Modern Dispersions continues to undertake research and development work with new grades of carbon black, graphite, and nanocarbons to improve thermoplastic compound properties such as colour, UV resistance, and electrical and thermal conductivity. Due to the lower filler loadings required with nanocarbons, better physical properties can be achieved with these types of compounds. Modern Dispersions will also showcase its extensive product portfolio including black masterbatches, wood-polymer composites (WPC), and colour concentrates.

modern dispersions w.jpg


Modern Dispersions, Inc.

Tel: +1-978 534 3370

Fax: +1-978 537 6065

Website: www.moderndispersions.com

Booth: 5C06-01

Momentive: LSR and hardcoats

Momentive Performance Materials focuses on the requirements of modern mobility concepts with corresponding developments from the areas of Liquid Silicone Rubbers (LSR) and Hardcoats. These include flame-retardant LSRs grades for the cost-efficient production of hard-soft composites, and grades that crosslink at low temperature, thus facilitating the production of thick-walled parts. The LSR grades NL6830FR and NL6850FR, both in dark gray, meet the UL94-V0 requirements at 1 mm thickness. With Shore A hardnesses of 35 and 45, respectively, they combine balanced yet very good mechanical properties with low compression set.  Silopren™ LSR 2725/40 is a further developed, self-lubricating grade. 

momentive w.jpg


Momentive Performance Materials

Tel: +49-214 30 46503

E-mail: philipp.toennemann@momentive.com

Website: www.momentive.com

Booth: 6B15


Polyplastics: Engineering thermoplastics

Polyplastics Group highlights its expanded product portfolio and material supply capabilities – and is set to discuss the latest developments in its DURACON® POM, LAPEROS® LCP, and TOPAS® COC product lines which address the demanding end-use requirements in the medical, electrical/electronics, and automotive industries. With full acquisition by Daicel in 2020, Polyplastics has expanded its options for growth and geographical market coverage. The company has announced that its Technical Solutions Center in Raunheim officially opened in April. 

polyplastics w.jpg 


Polyplastics Europe GmbH

Tel: +49-69-94515-8000

Website: www.polyplastics.com

Booth: 7AB02


Röhm: Special moulding compounds

Röhm GmbH – with its PLEXIGLAS® moulding compounds – is one of the pioneers who have regularly exhibited at K since its inception in 1952. “K has always been an important forum for us to meet our customers and partners and discuss innovations and inspiration,” says Siamak Djafarian, Head of the Molding Compounds business unit. “And just like the trade fair, we have also continued to develop alongside technological progress. Visitors to the booth can see the custom materials for various application areas for themselves. For example PLEXIGLAS®, the brand polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) from Röhm is an extremely diverse plastic that offers excellent light transmittance and extraordinary weather resistance. It is also lightweight, has the highest surface hardness of any thermoplastic material, can be processed using all thermoplastic methods, and enables high reproduction accuracy. 

rohm w.jpg


Röhm GmbH

Tel:  +49 6151 863-7000

E-mail: plexiglas.polymers@roehm.com 

Website: www.plexiglas-polymers.com; www.roehm.com

Booth:  6E29


SI Group: Additives for plastic recycling

SI Group introduces its new additives brand for plastics recycling. The portfolio encompasses a comprehensive platform of innovative additive solutions designed to accelerate the transition to a more circular economy and lead to a more sustainable plastics industry. The first solutions to be introduced under the new brand name are stabilisers for recycled polyolefins and PET that are specifically designed to allow customers to use more recycled materials without compromising performance in the end application.  In addition to revealing the new brand, SI Group presents its expanded portfolio and latest sustainability developments at K 2022. Key product updates to be showcased include a new masterbatch grade of WESTON 705 liquid antioxidant and ULTRANOX LC stabilisers.  

si group w.jpg


SI Group

Tel: +1-518 347 4200

Website: https://siigroup.com/

Booth: 6B08


Tolsa: Flame-retardants and specialised additives

Tolsa S.A. is showcasing its ADINS® range of flame-retardant additives for PP, PVC, rubber polymer systems, and silicones, along with its ADINS® Protection range for biocide applications. In a recent development, Tolsa has announced that it has translated its unique ADINS® FR technology to nylon (PA) matrices for applications in electrical/electronics, automotive, textile, and transportation markets. The company is developing new products for these systems. During the last two years, Tolsa has completed extensive testing with PA matrices using a range of ADINS products. The company has successfully reduced Total Heat Release (THR) levels more than 20% compared to competitive additive solutions. ADINS® flame retardant technology offers a versatile range of additives for polymers that act as synergists with halogen and halogen-free flame retardant systems. 

tolsa w.jpg


Tolsa S.A.

E-mail: adins@tolsa.com

Website: www.tolsa.com

Booth: 8BD46 

WACKER: Silicone resin binders

The industry is increasingly faced with the challenging task of producing mechanically resilient plastic components that can permanently withstand temperatures above 200 degrees Celsius. WACKER has developed a novel material solution for this purpose, to be presented for the first time at the K 2022. With the help of the silicone resin binders SILRES® LR 700 or POWERSIL® Resin 700 and the silicone moulding material POWERSIL® Resin 710 based on it, moulded parts can be pressed, pressure gelled or even injection moulded. The product is therefore suitable for moulded parts of heat class R, which must permanently withstand temperatures of up to 220°C. The solvent-free phenyl-methyl silicone resin binders SILRES® LR 700 and POWERSIL® Resin 700 are low-viscosity, clear liquids. 

wacker w.jpg


Wacker Chemie AG

Tel. +49 89 6279-1601

E-mail: florian.degenhart@wacker.com

Website: www.wacker.com

Booth: 6A10







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