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Nissha strengthens partnership with Sulapac

Source:Sulapac Ltd.     Date:2022-11-29
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Nissha Co., Ltd., a company engaged in decorative moulding and sustainable materials, has some of the world’s biggest and most valuable brands. In 2021, their revenue was 189,285M JPY (1,306M USD). Now, Nissha aims to boost its sales from 2020’s 180B JPY (1.24B USD) to 300B JPY (2B USD) while achieving a 30% reduction of total CO2 emissions by 2030 in view of becoming carbon-neutral by 2050. Cooperation with the Finnish material innovation startup, Sulapac Ltd., is one of Nissha’s key activities regarding its sustainable growth strategy. Hence, the capital investment in Sulapac.


Sulapac was founded in 2016 to solve the global plastic waste crisis. The science-based startup has developed beautiful, functional, and sustainable materials that have all the good qualities of conventional plastics yet biodegrade without leaving permanent microplastics behind. Their innovation has received several international awards and caught the attention of high-profile brands as customers.

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One of Sulapac’s first trusted partners was Nissha. Their collaboration began in 2018 and prospered into the co-creation of high-quality jars for cosmetics, supplements, spices and dry foods. Appreciation for nature connected these companies, and both consider the transformation towards a circular economy a business opportunity. Sulapac’s biocomposite is a drop-in solution that is suitable for existing plastic machinery and mass production. It is bio-based, sustainably sourced, and designed to replace conventional plastics.


The Industrial Materials Business of Nissha has been globally offering decorative moulded products. As global interest in sustainability is growing, Nissha has started to develop and provide “ecosense moulding,” moulded products made from sustainable materials such as Sulapac biocomposite and pulp instead of plastic resin. With this strengthened partnership, Nissha will expand the “ecosense” product lineups.


“Sulapac’s design principle is to mimic nature. Their materials don’t release permanent microplastics and their carbon footprint is lower compared to traditional plastics made of virgin, oil-based raw materials. Importantly, the beautiful visible wooden chips and the ceramic feel make products made of Sulapac stand out. Its aesthetics is a competitive differentiator. This strengthened partnership supports our sustainability goals and business growth,” says Alex Takashiba, Director of Business Strategy Planning, Industrial Materials Business Unit at Nissha.


“The deepened collaboration with Nissha is essential for the future of our company and our mission to save the world from plastic waste. We have high respect for their ambition to significantly replace conventional plastic with truly sustainable alternatives and the investment they have made in the transition towards a circular economy. They are an industry leader and a game-changer that has a real impact on the world,” states Dr. Suvi Haimi, CEO and Co-founder of Sulapac.


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