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Silica for deep-matte wood coatings

Source:Evonik     Date:2022-12-09
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Evonik is launching a new product incorporating its proven SPHERILEX® technology. Spherical silica EXP 0002-1 is characterized by particularly small particle size and suitable not only for architectural paints, but also for waterborne, deep-matte and silk-gloss wood coatings.  


For wood surfaces, there is a general trend towards natural esthetics and sustainability: customers want their parquet flooring, kitchen countertops or furniture to feel smooth and beautiful, while displaying the fine grain of the wood without any glossy effect. Equally desired is for the surface to be durable and resistant to mechanical stress.


 "As indicated by customer trends, a wood coating has to do both," says Marc Trageser, Marketing Manager Decorative Coatings EMEA at Evonik Coating Additives. "It should provide the best possible protection for the surface, while allowing the surface to look natural and untreated."


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Particularly fine particles

The new member of the SPHERILEX® family, provisionally named EXP 0002-1, helps extend the durability of a coating by improving its scratch and abrasion resistance. At the same time, the silica provides a matte or silk-gloss appearance to meet customers' aesthetic requirements.


"In combination with classic matting agents, EXP 0002-1 acts as a matting booster. As a result, the coated surface will have no gray haze and the naturally beautiful structure will show through," says Trageser.


This is made possible through EXP 0002-1’s particularly fine, spherical particles. By distributing mechanical forces, it helps coated wood surfaces maintain a uniform, matte appearance, while staying protected from scratches. This means that silica can be used in architectural paints and waterborne wood coatings.


Compatible with a wide range of paint components

Another characteristic of EXP 0002-1 is the product's handling and flexibility. "The product is very easy to incorporate into formulations," says Pascal Schuster, Applied Research & Technology Wood Coatings EMEA at Evonik Coating Additives.


As the silica only has a minimal impact on the viscosity of the formulation, it helps prevent undesirable foam stabilisation even at high filling grades.


"Paint manufacturers can combine EXP 0002-1 with many other additives, fillers and binder systems. This substantially increases the range of applications for the new silica," Schuster says.

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