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LH 1210

ProductCategory: Origin:Germany Brand: WENZEL Minimum order:1 Type of payment:By L/C Delivery Period:


Measuring range   x=1200mm    y=1600-3000mm,   z=1000mm
Measuring accuracy  
MPEe (µm)   = from2.1+ L/450 (L in mm)
MPEp (µm)   = 1.7
MEthp (µm)  = from 2.7/72Sec.

Product features:
[1] High accurate: system accuracy of ±8µm(MPEP)
[2] 5 axes system allows measurement of the most complex geometry parts
[3] Complete simultaneous 5 axes motion for high-speed measurement

Customer Service

Tecmur S.A. de C.V. in Torreon, Mexico is a family-owned precision component manufacturer that has been serving the diesel engine and HVAC industries since 1983. Like most successful supplier companies, Tecmur has positioned itself to provide high quality parts with a competitive price structure and a high level of customer service. In 2002 Tecmur as awarded John Deere Power System's Supplier-of-the-year Award and currently is a registered to ISO 9001:2002 and ISO/TS 16949:2002 companies.
As part of their CMM evaluation process, the three Murra brothers who own Tecmur visited the WENZEL headquarters and manufacturing complex in Germany and were very impressed with the level of manufacturing quality, and they also saw that WENZEL CMMs are built to very exacting tolerances with highly stable thick black granite bases as well as the X rail, Y beam and Z ram all manufactured from black Impala granite to achieve identical thermal behavior of all axes. WENZEL owns and operates their own granite processing facility located near their headquarters in Germany which enhances WENZEL's ability to meet tight delivery schedules. Ultimately, the Murra's decided on a WENZEL LH 15.20.12 CMM with a measuring envelope of 1500 x 2000 x 1200 mm. which provided adequate table capacity for some of the larger diesel engine flywheel housings that Tecmur produces.

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