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WGT 1000

ProductCategory: Origin:Germany Brand: WENZEL Minimum order:1 Type of payment:By L/C Delivery Period:


Max.diameter of gear: 1000        Module rang: 0.5-50
Tip clearance: 20-1200opt         Gear width,continously traceable 1000

Product features:
[1] Measuring accuracy according to group 1 VDI/VDE 2612/2613
[2] Worm Gear and Worm Wheel ; Shape Cutter; Spiral Bevel; Shave Cutter; Hob Cutter; Cam Measurement ;
Rotor of Compressor;
[3] Surface finish of tooth Flank;

Customer Service

Tifco Gage & Gear, Livonia, USA has added capability in their quality Control Department with the addition of a new WENZEL LH GMM (Gear Measuring Machine). “We began to see our aerospace, automotive, marine and agricultural customer’s needs expanding as their supplier bases began to constrict,” Bob Sakuta President notes. “We wanted to be in position to provide additional value-added services which could include different types of shafts, housings and larger gears that previously we had not provided. We had all the manufacturing capability that would be required; we just needed more flexible inspection capability for these types of parts. For that reason we purchased the WENZEL bridge-type Model 6.7.5 GMM. This GMM uses the same gear controller, imbedded rotary table, and software that are used on our existing WENZEL WGT350 machine. Now not only can we measure larger gears up to 600 mm diameter, but we also can measure other rotation-symmetrical parts as well as a broad range of prismatic parts. This type of inspection machine allows us to perform production monitoring, prototype development or reverse engineering.”. The vertical GMM is also more convenient for internal gears than the traditional gear checker”

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