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6 infuse to pack machine automatically

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6 infuse to pack machine automatically Two, product characteristics 1, person's machine friendly interface, the intelligence text shows originally, humanization design, operate to keep a view in brief. 2, the micro-computer programmable(PLC) control, transformation specification, the modification parameter's convenience is fast 3, the accurate liquid spread feeling, repairing a liquid automatically, often pressing to flow a parameter fixedly, and the discharge watch control, completion precision of infusing and setting up for industry.The exaltation infuses to pack accuracy. 4, through special design of whole ascend and descend structure, create new style.Regulate convenience, fast, can satisfy various specification container a packing, differ from a traditional rise and fall method, make the liquid take care of to curve too but prolong to infuse to pack time. 5, the light fax feeling and spirit move couplet on door panels to move a control, lacking a bottle and pouring a bottle to protect all and automatically. 6, annoy to move a performance control valve, efficiently safe, each one's flowing a way all can design alone, it enters a liquid, storing a liquid, infusing to pack the electromagnetism valve etc. and liquid to get in touch with a parts all for 304 stainless steel materials, perhaps plastics material, and assist to strengthen structure by stainless steel.

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