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Monolayer Films

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As a result of increasing competition, manufacturers of commodity products are demanding packaging materials which can help them attract customers and drive up sales. Besides being cost-effective, these materials need to be able to withstand fast moving and demanding packaging lines, have excellent sealing properties and enhance shelf life.

With more than 40 years of experience in monolayer films, RKW Danafilms is a leading provider of innovative, value-creating plastics solutions for many different applications. Monolayer films are made from a single resin or by blending together several resins with different properties to fit the parameters of the application. This allows film converters to tailor products precisely to the customer's needs, whether these are performance-related (i.e. mechanical strength, cost, thickness, sealability or rigidity) or marketing-related (i.e. surface, clarity, gloss, printing or stiffness).

In order to aid in smooth converting and packaging operations, films also rely on an appropriate and consistent coefficient of friction (COF). All film grades are available in high, medium, low and no slip configurations. Our engineers have extensive experience with slip configurations and in recommending the best resin blends to use that will achieve the desired results for the customer. That's why we call it the art of blown film.

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