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3-Way Stopcock Mould

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The mould is designed for mass production of medical 3-way stopcock. It is a high precision, high performance and heavy duty mould, which comprises a 4-cavities and 4-valve-gates hot runner system. It is made from ASSAB S136 hardened steel. To prevent burrs, EDM mirror polishing is used for the connector surface and shut off surface. In order to keep the product stability, movable slides are joined by SKH51 pins which are handled with cooling to keep the size of teh pants accurate. Slide blocks are made from wear-resisting steel which offers a mould life of 10 million times. The injection time of the mould is 23 secs. After ethylene oxide sterlization, the 3-way stopcock and screw core assembly performs up to 3 kg (about 44 psi) in the leakage test.

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