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Company Name:Wu-Hsing Electronics CO.,LTD

Time Of Establishment:1970-01-01

Business Model:Privately owned

Area:No. 10, Gongye 15th Road, Taiping District,Taichung City, 41154

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Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealer LMV-6010TG

ProductCategory: Origin:TAIWAN Brand: MASENPACK Minimum order:1 Type of payment:T/T before shipment Delivery Period:Within 15 days


Wu-Hsing made Nozzle type vacuum sealer (LMV-6010T) to do external extract the air from the bag, has no bags length limited. Unit has a smart control system for 20 programs. Comes with a standard retractable nozzle system made of stainless steel. Ideal for packaging all moisture barrier bag materials including coffee bags, tea bags, gusseted bags, and mylar. This sealer is equipped with two sealing bars (top and bottom) for greater heat penetration when sealing thicker materials. Ideal for larger & heavier products to be vertical packing. This vacuum sealer needs an external compressor (6-7kg/cm2) to operate. GasFlushingdevice is optional. Equipped with an oil- less pump, ideal for Dry & solid goods only. (No powder & liquid).

Applications: Coffee green beans, seeds of plants, Foods, Tea leaves, Meat products, Chemicals, Hardware, Parts, etc. (powder and liquid are not available.)


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