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Engineering Plastics-PBT

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Because of its special combination of properties, the polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) is an ideal material for many applications in automotive electrics and electronics. As a result, it has long been established in all areas of automotive electronics systems. In addition to high rigidity and excellent heat resistance, it shows outstanding dimensional stability, good resistance to weathering and superior long-term electrical and thermal performance. Of particular significance for automotive electronics is the low water absorption and thus the fact that the mechanical and electrical properties are largely independent of moisture content or climatic conditions. PBT is an indispensable material in particular for safety-critical components which have to work safely and reliably throughout the entire lifetime of a car.

Application: ABS/ESP control unit, ECU housing for a camshaft control unit, transmission control unit, steering angle sensor, airbag connectors, plug-in connector, mirror actuator housing, latch plate, locking system, steering wheel module, door control unit, and plug-in connectors. 

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