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Automatic Blow Molding Machine H series

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To seek the high production efficiency and less labor work, robot automationbecomesthe new trend and a must for all plastic factories in the near future. Robot automation ensures the high performance in the production line and avoids the labor shortage or increasingwage. However, in general, company owners have the misconception that to invest in automation means huge money. Nowadays, automation technology has become mature and cost effective. You can recover your investment inthe shorttime by the practical way and even by thorough arrangement.

Today, Full Shine (TAIWAN) also approaches the automation in blow molding production. For your own customized design, Full Shine offers you several proposals in your production line. In FS-45HDSO, Full Shine’s linear movement blow molding machine installs the smart robot system to satisfy your ideal production. From autodeflashingprocess, carrying out finished bottles, and auto packingontrays, the whole process is done by the robot system. There is no need to haveanylabor involvement and less contamination. Full Shine also has many solutions for the automation in the plastic production line, specially design for your factory. To move forward on the automatic production line, this machine is capable of working on the whole line process, such as Auto Deflashing, Auto Jar Neck Cutting, Leak Testing, and Auto Recycling System for production automatically and Central Material Supply System Next By Machine, to achieve the concept of the condensed and complete production line.

Furthermore, Full Shine designs for the energy-saving concept by incorporating with Yuken-Japan Servo Drive System for Carriage as Energy-saving, providing the efficient Power Saving: 30-60%. With New Curved-Arm Design for Strong Mold Clamping and Parallel Linear Carriage Movement. 100% made in Japan, as Energy-saving Unit, providing the efficient Power Saving: 30-60%. During the cooling time and idle time, the motor is at the sleep stage (extreme slow RPM, near to 0) to significantly reduce the max.powerconsumption, and when the motor is active, itstarttothe 100% performance. Incorporating with Yuken servo motor, the carriage movement is under the digital linear transducer control, which is more precise and accurate to ensure the molding performance in the exact positions and times. For more information, please visit Full Shine Spanish website: http://www.full-shine.com/es/index.html,

H Series Blow Molding Machinery: http://www.full-shine.com/es/products_sub_H-Series.html, or e-mail to sales@full-shine.com


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