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Company Name:Flow UHP Waterjet Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Time Of Establishment:1970-01-01

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Area:1st floor & Room 202, Building 6, No.168 Jinxing Road, Minghang District, Shanghai

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Sonic High Speed Waterjet

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High Speed Design, Increased Productivity for Pure Water Cutting The Sonic is a line of waterjet systems designed especially for the rigors of high speed, pure waterjet cutting. Flow International Corporation is proud to offer Sonic technology. With nearly 30 years of experience and thousands of cutting system installations worldwide, our designs offer superior field proven performance and value. The Sonic product line offers previously unobtainable cutting performance, combining extremely high-speed linear drive and advanced software with extensive FEA computer engineering. The Sonic Waterjet System is built for speed. The lightweight yet stiff bridge, linear drives, and Turbo FlowMaster software system work together to provide lightning fast cornering. The linear axis assembly is driven by top-of-the-line Yaskawa digital drive motor. Linear drive technology offers far higher acceleration and top speed as compared to ball screw, rack-n-pinion, or belt systems. Also, linear drives generate no backlash. This fully digital system ensures maximum speed and power efficiency. Servo amplifiers receive feedback from the precision tape scale, accomplishing a fully closed loop system. Not only does the Sonic operate at extremely high speeds, but its acceleration is also 10 times faster than traditional waterjet machines. The high-speed Sonic cuts quality parts faster, which increases your productivity.

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