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Company Name:Flow UHP Waterjet Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Time Of Establishment:1970-01-01

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Area:1st floor & Room 202, Building 6, No.168 Jinxing Road, Minghang District, Shanghai

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HydroCat industrial Cleaning System

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Simply the Cleanest, Fastest Way to Remove Coatings The revolutionary, new HydroCat is an omni-directional industrial cleaning vehicle that attaches itself, using vacuum, to any vertical, horizontal or overhead surface. With the HydroCat a single operator can remove coatings at a rate of up to 1,000 square feet per hour. Nothing removes coatings better than the HydroCat. It collects 100% of the water, removed coatings and rust. The coatings and water are transported to a filtration bag, where the removed coatings are contained for easy haul-away. The water drains out at a clarity level generally acceptable for treated sewers. The adjacent work area and environment are clean and safe. The HydroCat is powered by Flow's industry standard-the 40,000 psi direct drive HUSKY®pump. A FlowVac completes the system by providing the vacuum that attaches the HydroCat to the work surface, and the vacuum that conveys the removed coatings and water to the filtration system. The HydroCat is equally effective on vertical surfaces such as ship hulls and tanks, on horizontal surfaces such as flat decks, and on overhead surfaces such as the bottom of ship hulls. It traverses smoothly over weld seams, doubler plates, lap joints and riveted seams. It easily moves in and around keel blocks and other common obstructions. And for straight line work the HydroCat automatically stays on course with its exclusive "autopath control."

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