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Company Name:Flow UHP Waterjet Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Time Of Establishment:1970-01-01

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Area:1st floor & Room 202, Building 6, No.168 Jinxing Road, Minghang District, Shanghai

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Eliminator Stripping System

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Contractor Rugged, Single-Operator Robot The Eliminator is a compact, maneuverable stripping robot with 360 degree unrestricted visibility for its single operator. The Eliminator, a true contractor-friendly system, features forward and reverse cleaning, allowing for easy removal of all pavement markings: long lines, chevrons, diagonals, arrows, and other short radius obstacles. Its versatility and compact size enable work in low overhead areas, parking garages and on other membrane-removal projects. The HUSKY®pump and hand tool accessories separate easily from the Eliminator system for use with other cleaning or cutting operations. With the Eliminator, paint and thermoplastic are completely removed from pavement crevices and pockets without roadway surface damage. The Eliminator removes ghost lines and confusing markings dramatically improving motorist safety. Flow's industry standard HUSKY pump and exclusive floating head design give the Eliminator a clear advantage over competing systems.

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