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HV Series – Direct-Link Heavy Cutting Vertical Machining Center

ProductCategory: Origin:China Brand: GAMMA Minimum order:1 Type of payment:30% of down payment, 70% before Delivery Period:


HV series is designed by finite element analysis (FEA) with super strong structure. HV is with the unibody casting, it has the characteristics of stability, high rigidity and firmness and provides the most stable heavy load supporting force, and the table is not overhung and has excellent rigidity and stability. The optimized direct-link precision spindle is used, has the characteristics of light mass, good rigidity, low expansion factor and high hardness, etc., and greatly reduces the temperature rise and the high speed centrifugal force.

HV series is suitable for massively manufacturing the high-efficiency electric products, the high-precision aerospace and auto parts, the high-precision mechanical parts and the precision moulds.

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