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Compact Motor Gear (CMG for Injection)

ProductCategory: Origin:Germany Brand: KNÖDLER Minimum order:1 Type of payment: Delivery Period:


The motor section is a multiple motor unit with four single motors. The motor assemblies are arranged symmetrically around a central hollow bore. The individual motor assemblies are internally connected respectively in start circuit and then connected in parallel to the terminal board.

This structure makes use of the asynchronous motor characteristic, adjustment of the motor torque to the load torque, to synchronies the individual motor assemblies. The four motors are mechanically coupled by the teeth of the drive pinion engaging in a common gear wheel. All motors then turn at the same speed under this forced condition. The total power taken off the drive shaft is distributed evenly between the motors.


Product features :

[1] Maximum screw diameter up to 300mm

[2] Large output power, simple external type, shortened cycle, increased productivity, low noise, clean operating environment, high transmission efficiency, energy saving
[3] Motor 5 to 1000kw, torque from 500 to 150,000nm

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