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Company Name:KAMIOKA CORPORATION (Machining Center/Turning Center/Surface Grinder,)

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Contact Person:Mr. Wenhong Huang

Tel:886-4-2562 6192



ProductCategory: Origin:Taichung City, Taiwan Brand: (KAMIOKA CORPORATION) Minimum order:1 Type of payment:30% T/T within 15 days from the Delivery Period:60 days

Product Description

This surface grinder with double “V” shape structure on cross and longitudinal slideways, its special angle
design combined with extra wide way surfaces significantly upgrade moving stability and loading capacity.
Another benefit is friction coefficient is reduced by 30%. Specially designed dust guard may fully prevent dusts
from entering into slideways.
The spindle head is well balanced on the column. The ball screw (Y and Z –axis are transmitted through 32mm
diameter, class C3 precision with double nuts) is located at the center of column and the spindle head with
weight ratio 5:4. The end face of the spindle head Is precision scraped, and is precision mounted when

installing the spindle. This will prevent spindle from deformation due to stress.

welcome to our website : http://kamioka.com.tw/product.php

watch Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWvGHt-6RlSOO3GJDMtdmIg


[✔] Targeted at Europe markets

[✔] Targeted at Asia markets

[✔] Flexibility in production

welcome to our website : http://kamioka.com.tw/product.php

watch Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWvGHt-6RlSOO3GJDMtdmIg

Customer Service

[1] The cross and longitudinal feed employs 12mm non-contact circular proximity sensor for direction change. Its outstanding dust-proof and water-proof performance is superior to another direction change device.

[2] The vertical feed is driven by a 0.75kW servo motor. If drives the precision ground worm through backlash-free coupling, that drives a phosphor bronze worm gear. The worm/worm hear set drives the ball screw for vertical feed, that allows for 1um
micrometric feed.

[3] Rigid structural parts may effectively disperse all reaction force, while absorbing vibration during
moving. For mirror-effect grinding on high-hardness materials, such as SKD-11 and tungsten carbide, there
is great resistance of grinding. However this machine has been tested to achieve surface roughness of Ra 0.015um.

welcome to our website : http://kamioka.com.tw/product.php

watch Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWvGHt-6RlSOO3GJDMtdmIg

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