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Grivory HTV-33H1

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The water outlet is a part in the engine cooling system which is in permanent contact with the cooling agent. Hot cooling agent flows through the water outlet to the radiator and back to the engine compartment.

EMS provided this solution based on VW's requirement (PPA+GF 33~35), our Grivory HTV-33H1 material has a very good Glycol resistance from -40 to 135 degree C, which fulfills the OEM's needs of engine cooling components. Also, a low de-molding force characteristic allows the customer to apply forced demolding and realize more complex injection molded geometries. Easy and well controllable processing characteristic ensure a high productive and reliable production. Highlights of Grivory HTV-33H1 are:

  • High temperature resistance -40 ~135°C
  • Excellent resistance against cooling agent
  • High dimensional stability

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