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Company Name:HOREN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. (Cold Drawing / Straightening Machine / Swaging Machine)

Time Of Establishment:1970-01-01

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Area:2 Dongsan St., Dajia Youth Industrial Park, Taichung 43770, Taiwan

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Straightening Machine (HOREN INDUSTRIAL)

ProductCategory: Origin:Taichung Brand: (HOREN INDUSTRIAL) Minimum order:1 Type of payment:100% T/T before shipment Delivery Period:one month


The horizontal Straightening machine uses a multi-roller mechanism to correct and ensure the straightness of metal tubes and rods. It is ideal for the straightening of brass tubes and bars, as well as copper, aluminum and steel tubes and rods. All the rollers are equipped with a roller distance indicator at the base of the handle for convenient adjustment. The simple device allows the operators to record and set the best angle and position between rollers for easy machine configuration. Number scales are also attached on the sloping bars for further reference.

Depending on the composition and condition of the input materials, our straightening machines are capable of achieving the straightness of 0.10~0.30mm/M. Also, a motor inverter can be optionally installed to finely adjust the rollers’ spinning speed upon request.

metal tube & bar

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. Rollers Equipped with Position Indicators
. Can Achieve a Straightness of Up to 0.10 ~ 0.30mm / M
. Optional Motor Inverter for Various Material Attributes

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