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Company Name:Synrad

Time Of Establishment:1970-01-01

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Area:4600 Campus Place, Mukilteo, WA 98275, USA

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Contact Person:Rick Elento

Tel:T +1 425 609 5071


200&400 W CO2 Lasers

ProductCategory: Origin:USA Brand: Synrad Minimum order:1 Type of payment: Delivery Period:


Specialized, high performance CO2 lasers engineered for high-speed, high-precision applications. Integrated laser/RF design minimizes the footprint for easier integration into automated processing systems. The most energy efficient 200 W and 400 W CO2 lasers available with excellent beam quality for precise control and detailed processing. Industry 4.0 ready with a TCP/IP web-based Internet interface that allows access to information about LED and RF module status to manage laser operation and ensure optimal performance.

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