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VB Bridge Type Vertical Machining Center

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(1) 1.7m / 2.1m distance between column, 1.5m -4.0m cutting stroke. (2) 800 mm Z-stroke. (3) 45 cc/kW/min Mild steel face cutting ability. (4) 3-axis Box way design. (5) All casting iron main structure. (6) Step square section Beam for Y axis. (7) Best Center-line layout of the spindle system. (8) Short transmission shaft with Japan made class JIS 0 gears. (9) Automatic alignment twin hydraulic cylinder balancing. (10) Pressured air Accumulator to achieve fast response of Z axis. (11) All ball screws were pre-tension with absolute encoder. (12) 4m and above model X-axis with gear reducer and vibration damper device. (13) Wider front door opening, easy for operation. (14) High mounted swivel type operating panel. (15) Reliable spindle and automatic tool changer. (16) Φ 180m m x 380L mm ATC. (17) 3-axis lubrication oil collector. (18) Ring type and nozzle type coolant design. (19) Manual 90 degree angular/extend/universal head are available.

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