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Rexroth PS 6000

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The integrated system for the highest quality in resistance welding Bosch Rexroth is specialized in motion and control, its new-generation flexible product unit-dynamic intelligent quality control unit and high-performance pressure servo unit may be optionally configured in your welding system. Benefits with the power to convince of Rexroth welding system High product reliability achieved through the use of tried and tested technology Maximum flexibility in the I/O and network area thanks to plug-in cards such as PROFIBUS, PROFInet, DeviceNet, INTERBUS and Ethernet 100% quality control and weld nugget size check derived from the latest ultrasonic technology Expulsion reduction achieved by adaptive control of the welding process Electronic or pneumatic servo gun drives integrated into the compact weld control Advanced SQL database interface established Innovative functions for process monitoring and component protection Flexibility for retrofitting function and process modules

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