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The market for CNC machine tools is very diverse today and also requires low-cost control and drive solutions for standard turning and milling machines. With Rexroth IndraMotion MTX micro we have developed a universal CNC platform covering this economical range of applications. IndraMotion MTX micro is the compact, simple, powerful, and nevertheless low-cost CNC solution from Rexroth for standard turning and milling machines. It consists of a powerful CPU, custom HMI interfaces, and compact multiaxis drive controllers all required hardware and software functions are integrated in a central assembly within the control cabinet the powerful 32-bit processor ensures the shortest CNC and PLC cycle times. This turns IndraMotion MTX micro to the most compact and simultaneously most powerful CNC of its class the approved IndraMotion, IndraLogic and IndraDrive technologies by Rexroth provide for the highest reliability and production precision ?and this down to the range of nanometers

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