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Screw Jack Reducers

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The screw jack is composed of a main body , copper articles with interior thread, screw and other accessories. It comes in various specifications from model 35 to 80. In actual application, the screw ends can be divided into various types such as: no end, rod end, threaded end, clevis end, and top plate. The screw jack has a variety of features, such as compact size, multiple functions, light weight, no noise, intensified structure, convent installation, high maneuverability, wide variety of power sources, high transmission efficiency, and long service life. It is capable of various installation, such as moving upward, moving downward, pushing forward, overturning, etc. The screw jacks can be used independently or in combination of several sets. It can accurately control lifting or lowering height according to programmed setting. It can be driven directly by electrical or other power sources, or by manually.

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