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YZX-ZS24 Automatic Disinfectant Filling Machine

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This YZX-ZS24 Automatic Disinfectant Filling Machine, which has been exported, is the latest product developed by our company. Combined Chain Plate Conveyor is the corollary equipment. This Filling Machine integrates cap arranging & feeding machine, cap pressing capper and capping machine into automatic filling line, if necessary. This Machine is applicable for filling the containers with acid or alkaline foamy liquid. All contact parts are made of corrosion resistance materials. For safety, most of electric components are powered by DC 24 V. Valves in pipeline system are selected from famous foreign brand products. Features The Machine with high capacity can fill 250 ml bottles not less than 100 containers per minute. The filling pipeline in the system is characterized by less leakage, less air consumption, low pressure, and the maintenances cost is low due to easy maintenance and less disposable parts.

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