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Check Weighing Indicator & controller BDI 9903

ProductCategory: Origin:China Taiwan Brand: BDE Minimum order:1 Type of payment:100% T/T Delivery Period:Within 30 days after receive you


Model Number:BDI 9903 (English) Description: * For Check Weighing (Weight Checker) in Production Line. * 100 coded check weighing specifications: OK, HI,LO, Material Code, Accept Count, Total Count, and Accumulated Value. * Fully Digital Calibration * 1/10,000 displayed, 96,000 internal resolution * A/D Conversion rate approx. 70 times/ Sec. * 6 Weighing Check Modes: (1). Semi-Automated System/ Weigh-Conveyer Stop; (2). Semi-Automated System/ Weigh-Conveyer Run; (3). Fully-Automated System/ Weigh-Conveyer Stop; (4). Fully-Automated System/ Weigh-Conveyer Run; (5). Passive Check Wiegher; (6). Simple Check Weigher. * 240 x 64 dot display array with EL back light * Drives up to 8 Load Cells (350 Ohm) * Various Check weighing Functions: Placement timer, Judgment Sampling Rate, HI/OK/LO Output Pause Time, HI/OK/LO Output Length Time, Gravity Compensation. * Standard: 20mA Serial Current Loop Output * Option: * OP-01. I/O Interface * OP-02. Serial Interface RS-232 or RS-422/485 * OP-03. Printer Interface (Include Date and Time) * OP-04. Parallel BCD Output

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