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The new StarWeld Generation from Baasel LASERTECH stands for intelligent solutions in a compact form at attractive prices. The whole family is modular, and comprises technologically high-quality components. The power supplies with IGBT switches ensure pulse frequencies of up to 4000 Hz, and a unique pulse-to-pulse stability. The CAN-bus based controller guarantees safety and flexibility for all present and future applications. These include pulse shaping, pulse ramping, on-line trouble shooting, and intelligent connections to peripheral devices such as galvanometer-controlled welding heads, pattern recognition or process monitoring. The laser resonator, based on the proven StarMark rail concept provides constant pulse energy - not only in the high-energy range, with the exclusive sweet-spot resonator, but also in the low-energy range, which is especially important for extremely fine welding. The plug-and-play fiber kit, together with a customer-oriented welding-head kit, provides direct solutions for almost all applications - whether with a single fiber, or in energy-sharing or time-sharing mode.

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