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DCS-50-T Dope filling and capping machine

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Composing: It contains weighing sensor, computer control system, filling system, sealing system, frame and roller line. Standard equipment: Homemade meter (Lien in Wuxi) Sensor (Mettle in Changzhou)Pneumatic organ (Aittac). Supplied by user: Feeding pump: Exit pressure among 3-5 kg, Flowing ≥016m?h. Main character: It is weighing type filling machine which adopts Germany OB company technique. High measure precision, no material influence. Feeding valves contain speedy feeding valve and slow feeding valve, can improve filling speed and improve filling precision. Big measure scope, can adjust arbitrarily among 15-50kg, measure error is less than 10 g/barrel. Filling head adopts drip preventing set, non-air bubble when open lid. Automatically control feeding, equips with pneumatic nip lid and pneumatic capping lid set. Main Framework and Theory: The automatic dosing filling machine contains computer-aid quantitive filling machine, transporting machine, capping machine. Weighing platform equips with non-powered roller. Computer-aided quantitive filling machine main framework and theory It is composed of feeding system, weighing system, frame, and pneumatic control system. Feeding system provides material quickly or slowly through cylinder by solenoid valves. Measure System: Contains measure body, sensors and weighing platform. The weighing platform links with body through sensors. In operating, extra pressure is unallowable. Adjusting the height of filling mouth through apical handwheel. Operating synopsis: Shift barrel on platform by person; Turn on startup button; Automatic turn on feeding pump and big and small feeding valves; When arrives at setting point 1 to shut off speedy feeding valves: When arrives at setting point 2 to stop feeding pump and shut off slow feeding valve: Put on lid by person and move barrel to press lid position (has assistant positioning set): Press lid by person, move barrel after press lid finished: Warehousing.(equipped with stainless steel roller line).

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