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High-Flow Pressure

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Type 70 High-Flow Pressure The Type 70 Regulator is specifically designed for applications that require substantial flow capacity and accurate pressure controls. Flows of 80 SCFM can be attained. Downstream pressure can be set within 0.25" of water column and is accurately maintained under varying flow conditions with the help of an aspirator tube which adjusts the air supply in accordance with the flow velocity. A balanced supply valve, utilizing a rolling diaphragm, makes the regulator virtually immune to changes in supply pressure. Careful design and quality materials throughout assure long, trouble free operation in the most difficult industrial environments. The Type 70 has a rugged, precision die-cast aluminum housing, and is pressure-tested and chromate-treated for corrosion resistance. The regulator housing is finished with vinyl paint, which resists scratching, weathering and other physical abuse. The Type 70 is also available in a back-pressure model, the Type 70BP Back-Pressure Regulator functions as a high flow, high precision pneumatic relief valve with an adjustable set point. Back flows of up to 50 SCFM can be attained. A sensitive Bellofram rolling diaphragm is the key component in making this regulator extremely responsive to slight upstream pressure changes. Stack-up construction makes the regulator easily serviceable, without removing it from the air line.

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