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PushPull Connectors for Automation

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The HARTING technology group defines new standards for automation and cabling in line structure. Two connector sizes with PushPull technology are offered, corresponding to the variants 4 and 14 of IEC 61076-3-106. Additionally the connector family Han?PushPull (var.14) complies to the requirements of the automation initiative of German domestic automobile manufactures. Equipped with HARTING push pull locking technology simple handling on smallest space is combined. No other solution can be connected as compact in IP 67 environment. For optical and electrical transmission of data and power various connectors are available: Han?PushPull RJ 45, the Industrial Ethernet connector based on RJ 45, Han?PushPull SCRJ, the connector for optical data transmission and Han?PushPull Power, the finger-protected power connectors for devices's power supply. Now device integration is easy to realise. PushPull - as easy as Plug & Play.

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