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QMDC - Manual / Automatic Couplers

ProductCategory: Origin:Europe - Other Brand: European Brand Minimum order:1 Type of payment:30% deposit; 70% before delivery Delivery Period:Ex work 4-6 week


High quality, leak-proof water couplers can also be combined with air couplers, hydraulic couplers and electric couplers to provide quick connection. When changing molds, the multi-couplers of the machine side can be hung at the parking stations to avoid damage. With these quick couples, the fluid connection and electrical connection can be done within just several minutes, while the machine and floor are kept clean. Product Features: Simple operation; compact structure and durable; RMI series, apply for the single or double shut-off valve design; leak-proofing; EIRM/F series, by the flat face design no air can enter the hydraulic circuit; and no spillage of fluid will occur during connecting and disconnecting; CQF/M series, these self-locking non spill clean break couplers are mostly used for mounting into multi coupler systems. However they can also be used as mono couplers. Multi couples can provide simple and quick leak proof connections of several water, air and electrical circuits.

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