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Mold Watcher

ProductCategory: Origin:USA Brand: American Brand Minimum order:1 Type of payment:30% deposit; 70% before delivery Delivery Period:Ex works 3 weeks


Prevent problems before they occur. Mold watcher from America can check your mold before mold clamping. Standard mould protection options only detect the problem as it occurs. With the Mold Watcher, neither will you feel heart broken due the damage of the expensive molds, nor will you be anxious due to the late delivery caused by unexpected machine downtime. With high quality and timely delivery, you will not face the pressure and complaint from the customer. Product Features:  稩f the parts in the multi cavities are missing after mold open; 稩f the parts are short shot or flash; 稩f there is any remaining parts in the mold cavities and mold cores before mold close; 稩f the products drop from the mold completely; 稩f the slides, ejector return and inserts are in place; 稩f the blending is correct of the multicolor products; 稩f the inserts are inserted in the right place; 稰revent consecutive defective parts; 稩f the ejector is broken; 稲educe the redundant ejector movement. 稩f the parts size are qualified; Difference from other mold monitors: Patented near infrared camera / light solves potential problems that can occur due to visible ambient plant lighting. The cameras with resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 for high 杛esolution inspection of parts and mould details where cycle time permits. Inspection area can be set with the need of the production; can cope with the inspection of the multi cavity and special inserts location. Can be upgraded to 2-8 cameras to be used for the large-scale mold and special inspection of fix and moving side. Have output signal for bad parts, can control the placement of the bad part automatically by matching robot and injection molding machine turning valves.

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