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Three-Roller Calender Series

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1.It is compounded by Inclined Three-Roller Calender and Cooling Winder. 2.Applying with high exchanging rate cover structure and automatic temperature controlling exchanger,Calender Roller has high precision in temperature controlling,equal temperature on Rollers'surfaces. The surface of Roller is plated by hard chrome and processed. 3.Speed-down Box is rigid tooth-like compound gear case with high transmission precision and steady movement. 4.Roller is drived by Timing Electric only and controlled by imported Acctiyator the speed of which can be adjusted only or be series linkage timing with wide timing scope and high precision. 5.The assisting machine applies with Bridge type Cold-relief Roller path and equipments of Border-cutting, Draughting and Rolling Equipments. It can also be fixed with Embossing Equipment and Length Fixing Machine to further develop its usages.

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