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Larox C Series Pressure Filters

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Larox C Series Pressure Filters For Chemical Process Industries Larox has been revolutionizing solid/liquid separation technologies and processes with the automatic pressure filter for over 25 years. From the first Larox pressure filter to today's advanced Larox C Series, Larox has innovated its filtration technology to meet the evolving process and productivity goals of the chemical process industries. The Science of High Performance Larox's high-performance filtration technology for CPI expands production capabilities, simplifies processes, reduces energy consumption and improves the quality of end products. Every Larox filtration product delivers these advantages, in addition to features that match the special requirements of each process. Larox C Series Pressure Filters The Larox C Series sets new standards for reliability and operating efficiency. These robust pressure filters are built to last, delivering maximum production performance and availability to a wide range of applications. The Larox C Series produces extremely dry solids, thus eliminating or dramatically reducing the need for thermal drying. Employing displacement washing, the filters use the lowest possible amount of wash liquid to produce the best possible washing result. In this way, soluble impurities are removed from dewatered solids with maximum economy.

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