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Far infrared sauna KG-1202DL

ProductCategory: Origin:China Brand: KANGE Minimum order:1 Type of payment:T/T or L/C Delivery Period:7-10days


Infrared sauna KG-1202DL with one tempered glass model a)Dimensions: External: W1200xD1000xH2000mm (47.2"x39.4"x78.7" inch) Internal: W1130xD900xH1830mm (44.5"x35.4"x72" inch) b) Rated power: 2100W / 2500W c) Capacity: 2 persons d) Material: Hemlock e) Groove paneling f) Plug into 110V/240V home outlet g) Packing: Carton h) Place of origin: Xiamen of China i) Payment term: T/T and L/C Features: a) Interior and Exterior control panels convenient to operate b) Automatic thermostat for constant temperature and changeable frequency c) Adjust time and temperature as you desire through the digital control panel d) Fresh air accessible through ventilation, no stuffy at all e) Easy to install, and completely free standing f) Beautiful and luxurious appearance, more exquisite crafts g) Safety tempered glass door and safeguard to users h) Aesthetics and comfortable backrest design Benefits: a) Removes toxins, heavy metals and harmful materials b) Removes fatigue, replenish oxygen and energy c) Reduces stress, promotes better sleep d) Relieves from pain and improves nervous system e) Reduce unsightly cellulite, Enjoy youthful, radiant younger looking skin, Makes skin beautiful and smooth, put off aging and look young, f) Burns calories and gets weight loss (600 calories /) g) Boost your immune system, Improves blood circulation, cardiovascular and cerebral system. Main kits: a) High quality 100%Ceramic heaters b) Digital control system outside and / or inside c) CD with AM/FM player d) Aesthetics comfortable backrest and bench e) Reading lamp f) Audio Speakers g) Ventilation system h) Oxygenator

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