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Aluminum-aluminum packing structure coldforming compound aluminum hard chip

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Aluminum-aluminum packing structure coldforming compound aluminum hard chip Cold-forming compound aluminum hard chip(formpack) Drug-using pvc hard chips,pvc/pe/ppvdc hard chips,pp hard chips always have its own defections on anti-moist,air proof,light resistance,heat stability and etc.,but cold-forming compound aluminum hard chips of our company is a new packing material of absolute resistance of moist,all kinds of gases and light,and they can prolong the preservative period of drug products.It has an overwhelming stability,even in the tropic conditions can provide best protection for those drugs of strict requirements to keep dry,and it is especially applied to those drugs usually transported between the places of different weather conditions or easy to react. It is converiert for cold-forming compound aluminum hard heat insulation quality.and they have prominent forming performance, and the blister usually can form bigger 2-3 times than the PVC and other heat-forming materials,and they have good appearance,prevent the influence on drug productd caused by mechanical pressure,simultaneously have glorious and silvery white luster,high grade of appearance,and can bring more additional valves todrugs.

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