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Mould temperature controller

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ERMOTECH PLUS is the most complete and versatile version; A working temperature is of 150℃ is easily reached by positioning the selector on OIL, this allows the use of almost all the diathermic oils, without deterioration. The control of the thermoregulation cycle is assured from a dedicated microprocessor that signally all functions and possible alarms.  Dedicated microprocessor control  Acoustic - Light signals and alarms for liquid level and pump overload.  Heating power selection 3 / 6 / 9 kW - 4,5 kW for oil . Tank in stainless steel AISI 304  Self priming immersed pump with body and impeller in bronze with viton seals with functions in PRESSURE and VACUUM.  Cooling with indirect heat exchanger via immersed copper coil with high efficiency exchange  Functions with water or diathermic oil

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