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Multifunction Pillowy Automatic Packing Machine

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Displayed by imported computer screen, easy to operate All imported electrical parts makes coordinating more precise Widened paper feeding roll, heightened transverse sealing makes the packing scope more wide Functional characteristics: This equipment is the latest packing machine in the new century, Siemenz brand PLC integrated with advanced automatic control technology, all parameters and status displayed,?in Chinese, all this makes the man-machine interface more harmonious and unified. Advanced two direction trailing mechanical design, new adjustable former, widened, heightened transverse sealing design.makes it more easy to operate, more steady in performance, the packing scope more wide. It shows all the top technology of a packing machine. Usage:suitable for the packing of lumpish food like biscuits, candies, instant noodles and other products like trays, bowls, insulation tapes, soaps.

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