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Company Name:Allen Plastic Industries Co., Ltd.

Time Of Establishment:1970-01-01

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Area:No.5,Lane 110,Feng Ren Road,Feng Shan, Kaohsiung,Taiwan

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Shrink Film

ProductCategory: Origin:Taiwan Brand: ALLEN Minimum order:1 Type of payment: Delivery Period:


Our shrink film is not only for package, but for printing shrink sleeve also.

For packaging we have PVC Shrink Film, POF Shrink Film, and PE Shrink Film. Suitable for all types of food, chemical products, hardware and equipment. It's fit for use with any automatic or semi-automatic machine to reduce cost. Its high quality of clear transparent, high packaging integrity, moisture-proof and anti-dust helps improve the value of the merchandise efficiently.

For printing we have PVC Blown / Cast Shrink Film and PET Shrink Film. Its flatness allow to print smoothly. PVC blown shrink film is more competitive in cost for simple pattern labels. PET shrink film is perfect for curvy and irregular shape products.


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