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Company Name:Allen Plastic Industries Co., Ltd.

Time Of Establishment:1970-01-01

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Area:No.5,Lane 110,Feng Ren Road,Feng Shan, Kaohsiung,Taiwan

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Shrink Labels / Sleeves

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With decades of experience, Allen Pack is one of the experts in gravure printing. Up to 9 colors can be applicate to make the design vivid and rich rendering the product distinctiveness. With our variety of shrink sleeve materials and finishing technologies, we offer a wide range of options for effective decoration of various products made from plastic, glass and metal. The sleeves can be used in different types of industries, beverage, cosmetics, automobile, toiletries, health, pharmaceuticals, household products, sports equipment, etc. We have rotogravure printing lines which are capable of all kinds of design for printing. All the design is customized so you could convey your own idea to promote the product.

Shrink sleeve labels demand are largely driven by their advantages in light of marketing, brand identity and visual on-shelf appeal for clients.

Allen Pack is one stop for shrink packaging.

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