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TROGAMIDT - Polyamide 6-3-T

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TROGAMIDT - Polyamide 6-3-T The chemical structure of TROGAMID places it in the class of amorphous polyamides; it is therefore transparent (ISO 1874 designation: PA NDT/INDT). The amorphous structure also results in low mold shrinkage and low tendency to warp. In addition, the compounds are distinguished by the following properties: crystal-clear, high optical transparency high mechanical stability high heat deflection temperature high impact strength good chemical resistance compared to other plastics good electrical properties low mold shrinkage Thanks to this special combination of properties, TROGAMID is used in many branches of industry: for example, in electrical engineering for high-voltage switch casings, battery seals and relay casings, in filter technology for filter cups, pump casings and inspection glasses, and in machinery and engineering for flow meters, liquid-level indicators, and valve blocks and common control blocks for dispensing and metering equipment.

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