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Colamark A105 Vial Labeling System with Optional Bottle-to-Tray Inserter

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Colamark A105 Vial Labeling System with Optional Bottle-to-Tray Inserter HIGH SPEED ! Colamark A 105 is an ideal high requirement solution for the pharmaceutical and health drink industr y to label on small diameter bottles at speeds up to 500/min RELIABILITY & PRECISION ! Bottles are first accumulated in a feeding buffer and then fed into a turn-table by a timing screw for labeling . This ensure s high speed and stable operation. Labeling is done with the bottle at an upright position secured by three reference points to ensure high parallel accuracy. TRAY INSERTION ! An optional bottle-to-tray inserter is available after labeling to insert the bottles into carton inner trays for the downstream cartoning process FLEXIBLE ! The system can be used fully stand alone with bottles loaded and collected by transfer trays. Optional in-feed holding belt and/or discharge holding belt are available to connect to up-stream and down-stream equipment for in-line operation. MULTI-FUNCTIONS ! Two-labels and orientation labeling requirement possible.

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