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Luce diode soild laser

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LUCE 1064 is a diode-pumped solid state laser source operating in a Q-switched regime with a 10 to 100 kHz repetition rate and 10W of average power. The laser system is supplied in two modules, a pumping unit and a resonator unit. It is not a 搘all-plug?laser head: DC power and input signals are provided from external, user-supplied units. The laser pumping unit is included in a small footprint casing. It comprises fiber coupled laser diodes, the thermo-electric cooling system and the supply and control electronics. The pumping unit has a built-in heat exchanger for air cooling, onto which both laser head and current drivers dissipate waste heat. The walls have threaded holes (metric M6) for fixing the laser casing to an external mounting. Overall dimensions (metric) are quoted in figure 1.

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