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Potato chips processing lines

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For more than 150 years, potato chips are the world's favourite type of savoury snack. The recipe has changed little over the decades and, although today the process is automated and on a much larger scale, a potato chip is still basically a fresh potato, delicately sliced, lightly fried in vegetable oil, then sprinkled with flavouring. Kiremko has built chips fryers since the early seventies. Because the demands of our customers are continually developing, we put a lot of effort into optimising the design of the machines in our lines to improve production efficiency, sanitation and maintenance. Our production lines are specially designed for the production of top quality chips complying with the strictest possible quality requirements. The latest innovations in manufacturing, control and monitoring are included in our designs. Modern techniques for motor speed and process data control can be incorporated. For example, the lines can be equipped with optical sorters for quality control of the raw potatoes or final product and to remove foreign material or defects when necessary. All the lines can be delivered with SCADA systems for automatic control and continuous process monitoring and data logging. They are built to the latest European safety and hygiene standards and can be built to comply with local regulations and demands. The most common potato chips are flat chips, besides this product our production lines are also suitable for producing crinkle cut and v-cut chips in a standard capacity range of 100 to 3.000 kg/hr with customised designs available to suit all requirements.

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