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Alumino Silicate

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World Minerals is pleased to announce the availability of OpTiMat™ - The next generation of functional additives for the paint and coatings industry. OpTiMat™ is the latest development in the wide range of functional additives currently available through World Minerals. OpTiMat™ provides excellent flatting properties at a reduced rate of loading, and is low in crystalline silica. Additional features and benefits of our new OpTiMat™ functional additive for coatings are listed below: * Exceptional matting and flatting properties * Effective in both water and solvent systems * Low crystalline silica * Low loading required * Pigment extension and color uniformity * Low density * Promotes faster, more efficient drying of paint * Excellent dry hiding and touch-up ability * Improves tooth - adhesion of coatings to underlying surface * Readily disperses in the formulation The combination of the features and benefits listed above give OpTiMat™ added functionality in your paint and coatings applications: * Higher flatting efficiency * Gloss reduction * Better hiding power * Improved drying time

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