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ProductCategory: Origin:Switzerland Brand: NOVOLAS Minimum order:1 Type of payment: Delivery Period:4-6 weeks


NOVOLAS: Laser welding of plastics The new class NOVOLAS Basic AT is optimized for the integration into production lines. It can be easily configured for various requirements, due to its consequent modular design. Almost any welding concept can be realized with the different diode laser and optic modules. Besides the established concepts like contour welding mainly mask welding and GLOBO-welding has to be emphasized. The mutually matched components provide high process stability as well as cost-saving production. The use of multiple laser and optic modules in one single system enables an efficient way to increase throughput which also helps reducing costs. Product Features : 1. Flexible and cost-effective; suitable for diverse applications 2. Individual control via customer supplied guidance system 3. Multiple laser and optic modules in one system possible 4. Very high throughput possible with an appropriate upgrade 5. Modular design with various optional components 6. If with GLOBO optics, it's arbitrary of joining geometries in two and three dimensions and no clamping device needed

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