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Quick Die Change System for Press and Hydraulic Press

ProductCategory: Origin:China Taiwan Brand: SANDSUN Minimum order:1 Type of payment:T/T before shipment or Irrevocab Delivery Period:15 days


Quick Die Change System is for Press and Hydraulic Press. The system includes Air Driven Hydraulic Pump, Die Clamp, Die Lifter and Die arm. It can help to change the die in a short time. It replaces the traditional method which used the screw to fix the die. In order to gain the efficiency of die change and insure the safety of operation, it is just in time to apply Quick Die Change System. 1. Shorten the time of die change 2. It has the function of inspection pressure and can be interlocked with the machine. 3. The movement between each equipment will be pined down mutually in order to insure the safety of operation.

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