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RBH Indexable Twin-bit Rough Boring Head

ProductCategory: Origin:China Taiwan Brand: Minimum order:1 Type of payment: Delivery Period:


1. The head is suitable for single bit boring, twin-bit boring and step boring with working diameter from ?5~?04mm on diameter. 2. New cartridge style with built-up rib. The pressure imposed on both cartridges counteracts producing highest rigidity and cutting efficiency, most suitable for a variety of borings. 3. Boring head can be easily adjusted to different boring needs for machining on demand. Boring depth can be extended by tool connection. 4. Clear side division provides a convenient adjustment without using a tool pre-setter. 5. Most suitable for boring on various machine centers or boring mills. Universal design accepts inserts of any brands, which will reduce tool grinding and greatly improve boring performance. 6. Patented step boring design, suitable for both level boring and step boring.

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