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ServoDirect Technology

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Schuler presents a new generation of mechanical presses with servo drive. the variable ServoDirect Technology SDT The flexibility of the new range derives from its high-performance torque motors without flywheel, clutch and brake. As the drive speed can also be freely regulated, it is possible to vary the movement and force characteristics during the pressing stage and thus adapt the slide curve exactly to the respective application. This not only improves part quality and reduces die wear,but also improves production efficiency. ServoDirect Technology SDT at a glance: The motion curves can be individually programmed and the pendular stroke permits shorter stroke lengths without complex and costly stroke adjustments. The presses are driven directly by high-performance torque motors - designed without flywheel, clutch or brake.  ● Considerably increased production rates compared to mechanical presses with conventional drives. ServoDirect press output rates can be increased up to 60 percent as compared to conventional mechanical presses, depending on die designs.  ● High production rates can also be achieved due to programmable slide stroke (pendular stroke motion).  ● Processes like e. g. spot welding or plastic process coating that normally follow after the complete forming process has been completed can be integrated into the forming process.  ● Highly efficient energy-management system: The required power during acceleration is actually recovered and stored during regenerative braking. The energy is then available for use again during the next acceleration cycle. This kind of energy management actually reduces the overall connected load usage and reduces current peaks.  ● Greater degree of flexibility since slide speeds and motion sequences are individually programmable. The use of advanced, high-performance servo motors and the direct connection to the eccentric drive without flywheel permits different motion sequences to be programmed within the press cycle. With the aid of this technology, the slide motion characteristics can be optimally adapted to the process parameters of both die and automation. This permits, for example, the ability to adapt the system to the requirements for processing high-strength steels.  ● Pendular operating mode: The pendular operating mode permits smaller, applicationspecific stroke lengths to be programmed without additional mechanical stroke adjustment. Corresponding to the requirements of the process or the die, the servo motor performs a partial forward and return stroke in a reciprocal motion.  ● Adaptation and optimization of the stroke length: The stroke length is freely programmable which leads to the optimization of the forming process.  ● Best possible part quality and long die service life.  ● Motion characteristics coordinated with the transport process for both progressive dies and transfer dies.  ● Precise tryout mode using a manual dial. The slide speed for inching is variable and the reverse-movement of the slide is also possible. The " Quick-Lift " function allows quick slide opening.  ● The slide motion is reversible in any position.  ● High uptime and fast spare parts availability due to the modular press concept with standardized components and subassemblies.

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